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Modification Actions

Modification Actions

In family law, final awards addressing child support, custody, and alimony can be modified (or changed) when there is a material change in the circumstances of a party (or both parties), or if there is a material change of circumstances affecting the minor child or minor children’s welfare.

In cases involving modifications of child support or alimony, an award can be modified if, for example, one party loses their job, or experiences a significant upward or downward change in their income or financial situation. A minor change in final circumstances is not enough to warrant modification. In fact, where it comes to child support, what constitutes material is defined in the Georgia Child Support Guidelines. Child support orders can also be modified in cases where the child (or children’s) needs change.

Where it comes to modifications of custody or visitation, actions are brought when there is a material change of circumstances such as, for example, one parent relocates to another state, one parent remarries, a parent develops personal issues which render them unfit to be a primary custodial parent, or a child age 14 or over elects to live with the non-custodial parent.

Lisa Sowers has extensive experience with the modification process, and has been very successful in achieving positive results for her clients when their circumstances change and warrant modification.